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1. LED Flashlight - made of solid aluminium alloy, adjustable to 3 modes (batteries not included).

2. CUTLERY FOLDING KNIFE - premium quality cutlery folding knife with stainless blade and aluminium handle.

3. EMERGENCY PEN - pen with tungsten point made of heavy duty aluminium alloy.

4. WHISTLE - dual tube design with key ring generates high decibels sounds.

5. COMPASS - aluminium lightweight with carabiner.

6. STANDALONE FIRE STARTER - magnesium and iron.

7. PARACORD BRACELET - 4 IN 1 Survival Bracelet.

8. MULTI TOOL CARD - 11 tools stainless steel card.

9. WIRE SAW - made of stainless steel.

10. WATER BOTTLE CLIP - Nylon web with Velcro.

11. CARABINER - durable lightweight carabiner with lock system.

12. EMERGENCY BLANKET - compact and lightweight made of PET.

13. USB LIGHT - bendable USB LED light to be used for any 5V USB ports.

14. BOX - extra-large premium case with rope hanger, wet resistant

FINALLY, you deserve to enjoy nature at its best! Buy it from here and get your Survival Kit straightaway.

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